Doula and Birth Photographer Andrea Lythgoe at a home birth

“Andrea was a big help to both me and my husband; explaining things & making the process fun and exciting. More than that, she went through my very long labor with no complaint and was our partner through it all. She did a GREAT job and I highly recommend her! — T.M.

“(Andrea) was very helpful as support for the husband, too. She explained the process and kept a positive environment.” — M.A.

This birth experience was so wonderful and I have you to thank for getting me through it! Steve is now a true believer in the natural birth process and he was very impressed by all you did for me.” — M.O.

“All of your suggestions and your calm demeanor truly allowed T. to relax and focus. Especially, we are grateful during transition to pushing — T. succeeded because of you!” — T. & T.S.

“I moved to Utah from Los Angeles when I was five months pregnant. I didn’t know anyone, had no family nearby, and certainly didn’t know what to expect for my first labor and delivery. So when my informative and fun childbirth instructor, Andrea Lythgoe, told me that she was a doula… my husband and I jumped at the chance of bringing her into our birthing experience. And are we happy that we did! Certainly, the birth didn’t go according to plan. First there was the preeclampsia, then the inducing process, and then a labor that lasted for 52 hours! But Andrea was there every step of the way… every moment of the labor… encouraging me and reminding me that the end (and a beautiful baby) was near! She made what could have been a rather scary experience one that I fondly remember!” — T.M.

“Your involvement in A’s birth meant a lot to me and the whole family. I don’t think it would have gone as smoothly without you. In retrospect it was kind of scary that he was so early and sunny side up but I think your ability to make everything continue to flow was instrumental in my delivering the way I felt I needed to.” — M.W.