Wednesday Wrap Up July 16

Wednesday Web LinksLast week, Rebecca Dekker of Evidence Based Birth released a much anticipated review of the literature on waterbirth. She includes a critique of ACOG’s statement from earlier this year on the subject.

The Lamaze International blog Science and Sensibility has an exclusive Q&A with Rebecca Dekkeron the topic that I found interesting.

Improving Birth published a response discussing how moms demand and deserve better use of scientific evidence.

The American Association of Birth Centers released its own opinion on the subject, saying that it needed to “ease inappropriate fear about the safety of water birth and provide childbearing families access to accurate water birth information.”

If you’d like to read the original ACOG Opinion that started all of this, you can find it here.

Naturally, today’s video is from a waterbirth! Laura Paulescu of Crowned Photography in Seattle put together this great video. I love the baby’s hand coming up to mom’s cheek and how closely she hugs him!

The birth of Cody Taylor | Waterbirth at Mountain Midwifery Birth Center in Denver, CO from crownedbirthphotography on Vimeo.

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