Wednesday Wrap Up June 11

Nice list of questions to determine if you might be overlooking some red flags in your relationship with your care provider. Truly choosing the best fit of a care provider is the most valuable thing you can do to get your best birth experience. And if you need them for inspiration, stories from women who […]

Wednesday Wrap Up 4/16

My youngest, my baby, turns 12 today. TWELVE! Hard to believe she’s grown into such a lovely young lady! That’s her over in the Wednesday Wrap Up logo for today, a photo I took of her during the dress rehearsal for a play she was in recently. April is Cesarean Awareness Month, and many great […]

Understanding Cesareans

Cesarean Infographic

Came across this fantastic infographic from Lamaze International. I really feel that it is imperative for all women to really understand the cesarean epidemic. Cesareans have benefits, no doubt, but they also carry some serious risks and should not be used lightly, or only for “legal reasons” to minimize the provider’s risk!!