So you are expecting twins!

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Twin pregnancies are very interesting, and I have loved working with the twin moms who have hired me. I’ve compiled some resources for learning more about twin pregnancies and births.

The best explanation of the different types of twin pregnancies that I have seen.

Nutrition Requirements in twin pregnancies.

A new Canadian study shows that with twins the risks of vaginal birth and the risks of cesarean birth are about equal. In the words of the study author: “If you can get an equally safe result without doing surgery, why would you choose surgery?”

An excellent list of questions for discussion with your care provider.

An inspirational story of a natural hospital birth of twins.

Things you can try to help your twins get in a good position for a vaginal birth.

A classic – and finally updated – book on Twin pregnancies by Elizabeth Noble.

This is a fantastic book that gets rave reviews from the twin moms I have been working with.

Great book about Mothering Multiples.

5 Things I Learned Breastfeeding Twins Great article from a mom who breastfed her own twins. She shares her personal story of breastfeeding preemie twins after a cesarean here.

A nice collection of resources for parenting and breastfeeding multiples.

Babywearing with Twins!

And finally two great videos showing that moms CAN carry twins to term, and even birth them naturally!

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