Packing for labor

Pregnant person with suitcase

I know there are LOTS of lists out there for what to pack for labor, but I wanted to post my own. If you’re planning a hospital birth or a birth center birth, this list is for you! (One nice thing about home birth is you don’t need to pack…) You won’t need EVERYTHING on […]

Wednesday Wrap Up January 20

This is so true, and something I have tried to convey to the women I work with. If you don’t like the care, and it’s not a good fit for what you want, move on. Take your health care dollars elsewhere! Maybe I loved this so much because I can relate, but I really appreciated […]

Wednesday Wrap Up Sept 24

Symphysis Pubis dysfunction is a painful (and surprisingly common) complication of pregnancy and can progress to a full on separation. One woman’s experience and some tips for working through that kind of pelvic instability are here. I would recommend a women’s health physical therapist as well as a chiropractor. Fear of labor can be just […]

Wednesday Wrap Up July 30

For two out of my three pregnancies, I chose not to find out if my baby was a boy or a girl. I *loved* the anticipation of not knowing and the moment of surprise at the birth. (For the third, I let my husband get his way and find out. Naturally, he refused to believe […]

Wednesday Wrap Up 10/23

An inspiring story of a mom who advocated for herself and made a difference when her care provider turned out to be a bad match for her birth plan. Your Doula Bag is doing a month long blog event with doula articles every day in Oct. I liked this one on New Doula Jitters. Even […]

Wednesday Wrap Up 9/25

A new large scale analysis of the research shows that eating and drinking in labor is safe! Put simply in a quote from the article: “There is no evidence of any benefit to restricting what women eat and drink in labor.” My friend Sharon Muza, a doula in the Seattle area, wrote this great article […]

Best Apps for Pregnancy, Birth and Parenthood

Birth and pregnancy apps for smartphones and tablets

These days, a smartphone or an iPad gives you lots of information literally in the palm of your hand. Cutting through the fluff to find the really useful stuff can be a real pain! I’ve found a few apps to be really useful to me in my birth work: iBirth If you only get one […]

Wednesday Wrap Up: July 10

5 Cool Things No One Ever Told You About Nighttime Breastfeeding I learned a few things from this article, too! 15 ways to reduce pain during childbirth – but here’s the catch: They are all things you do well BEFORE labor! Bet you didn’t know that what you do beforehand can make a difference in […]

Wednesday Wrap Up 6-19

The truth about which stretch mark treatments really work, and which don’t. Drawn from actual unbiased research reports. Here’s a great list of fact sheets on various medications, herbal products, illicit substances, maternal conditions, etc. and their effects on pregnancy. Again, all drawn from unbiased research sources. 8 Stats you should know about your obstetrician. […]

Wednesday Wrap Up 6/12

Loved this article on supporting women’s choices. I loved it so much I have to throw out a quote: “We can never fully know the stories of the mothers we serve. As a doula and a birth educator, I’m privileged only to what a woman shares with me, and often it is simply a picture […]