Adjusting to a new sibling

Little girl reading to a new baby

Adding a new baby to the family is tricky enough the first time around. The challenges the second time around are different, but no less tricky. One of the bigger challenges is the adjustment for an older sibling. Here are some tips for making the transition a bit smoother: Before the baby comes Talk about […]

Packing for labor

Pregnant person with suitcase

I know there are LOTS of lists out there for what to pack for labor, but I wanted to post my own. If you’re planning a hospital birth or a birth center birth, this list is for you! (One nice thing about home birth is you don’t need to pack…) You won’t need EVERYTHING on […]

Wednesday Wrap Up January 20

This is so true, and something I have tried to convey to the women I work with. If you don’t like the care, and it’s not a good fit for what you want, move on. Take your health care dollars elsewhere! Maybe I loved this so much because I can relate, but I really appreciated […]

Wednesday Wrap Up Sept 24

Symphysis Pubis dysfunction is a painful (and surprisingly common) complication of pregnancy and can progress to a full on separation. One woman’s experience and some tips for working through that kind of pelvic instability are here. I would recommend a women’s health physical therapist as well as a chiropractor. Fear of labor can be just […]

Wednesday Wrap Up July 30

For two out of my three pregnancies, I chose not to find out if my baby was a boy or a girl. I *loved* the anticipation of not knowing and the moment of surprise at the birth. (For the third, I let my husband get his way and find out. Naturally, he refused to believe […]

Wednesday Wrap Up 10/23

An inspiring story of a mom who advocated for herself and made a difference when her care provider turned out to be a bad match for her birth plan. Your Doula Bag is doing a month long blog event with doula articles every day in Oct. I liked this one on New Doula Jitters. Even […]

Wednesday Wrap Up 9/25

A new large scale analysis of the research shows that eating and drinking in labor is safe! Put simply in a quote from the article: “There is no evidence of any benefit to restricting what women eat and drink in labor.” My friend Sharon Muza, a doula in the Seattle area, wrote this great article […]

Best Apps for Pregnancy, Birth and Parenthood

Birth and pregnancy apps for smartphones and tablets

These days, a smartphone or an iPad gives you lots of information literally in the palm of your hand. Cutting through the fluff to find the really useful stuff can be a real pain! I’ve found a few apps to be really useful to me in my birth work: iBirth If you only get one […]

Wednesday Wrap Up: July 10

5 Cool Things No One Ever Told You About Nighttime Breastfeeding I learned a few things from this article, too! 15 ways to reduce pain during childbirth – but here’s the catch: They are all things you do well BEFORE labor! Bet you didn’t know that what you do beforehand can make a difference in […]

Wednesday Wrap Up 6-19

The truth about which stretch mark treatments really work, and which don’t. Drawn from actual unbiased research reports. Here’s a great list of fact sheets on various medications, herbal products, illicit substances, maternal conditions, etc. and their effects on pregnancy. Again, all drawn from unbiased research sources. 8 Stats you should know about your obstetrician. […]

Wednesday Wrap Up 6/12

Loved this article on supporting women’s choices. I loved it so much I have to throw out a quote: “We can never fully know the stories of the mothers we serve. As a doula and a birth educator, I’m privileged only to what a woman shares with me, and often it is simply a picture […]

Birth Story Palooza!

Laboring Mother Supported by her husband

Pregnant women all too often hear nothing but horror stories when pregnant. Just what every pregnant mom needs to hear. It’s become so much of a problem, that products like this T-shirt and buttons are needed. Some women who have positive birth stories are even afraid to share them because of the backlash from not […]