What do you really need for baby?

Pregnant person holding white baby clothes

I’ll admit it, I am a total minimalist when it comes to baby gear. I hate the massive consumerism and all the STUFF they try to convince new moms they NEED. Phooey. So here I present to you, Andrea’s minimalist list of what you need for a new baby: Must haves: Place for baby to […]

Book Review: Deliver!

Deliver! A concise guide to helping the woman you love through labor. This book is a short read – I finished it in about an hour – but is packed with lots of great information for labor support people. It’s very much targeted towards men who are in a romantic relationship with the laboring mom, […]

Review: Beautiful Birth Bundle DVDs

Julie Johnson is a friend of mine, and my very favorite lactation consultant to refer to. I’d heard for years that she had a video on the back burner, so when I recently heard it was done and on the market, I asked if I could have a copy for review! The full Beautiful Birth […]