When birth does not go as you’d hoped…

New mom depressed

Can you think of anything worse to say to a mom who is opening up about feelings of disappointment or pain after a difficult birth? I can’t. The unsaid subtext mom hears goes something like this: “Just be glad you have a healthy baby. Any other emotions you have don’t count. There is only one […]

Wednesday Wrap Up: July 10

5 Cool Things No One Ever Told You About Nighttime Breastfeeding I learned a few things from this article, too! 15 ways to reduce pain during childbirth – but here’s the catch: They are all things you do well BEFORE labor! Bet you didn’t know that what you do beforehand can make a difference in […]

Client Privacy

Social Media Tips for Doulas

I am a smart woman. I can put two and two together. And many times, I’ve been able to tell who a doula’s client is by what she posts on Facebook, even if she is careful not to use the clients name. And I always wonder if the doula has permission to share in social […]

Will Work For Free?

Don't Get Burned or Burned Out

First, let’s get one thing straight: When you work for free, you tell people that your work is worthless, and that’s exactly how they treat you. Lots of people will tell you to work for free, that it is a fantastic way to get those certification births. But they DO NOT GET IT. They are […]

Postpartum Doulas

Postpartum Doula with New Mom

Postpartum doulas care for the mother in the first few weeks after birth, doing light housework, providing information, hands on instruction and help with newborn care, and helping with older siblings. This is not a service I provide, but I know and love postpartum doulas! Here are some local postpartum doulas you can interview and […]