Wednesday Wrap Up 6-19

Wednesday Wrap-Up Graphic - Salt Lake City Private Childbirth ClassesThe truth about which stretch mark treatments really work, and which don’t. Drawn from actual unbiased research reports.

Here’s a great list of fact sheets on various medications, herbal products, illicit substances, maternal conditions, etc. and their effects on pregnancy. Again, all drawn from unbiased research sources.

8 Stats you should know about your obstetrician. I don’t love the comparison to the Farm midwives that keeps popping up in the article, because birthing at The Farm isn’t a realistic option for most women. But if women knew these stats to compare their actual options against each other, these could be useful things to know.

Fascinating and very real article: The Push is Powerful Stuff! From a home birth midwife. Some women like pushing, preferring the active work to help move things along. Some don’t enjoy it but everyone needs to do it!

The most creative presentation of a birth plan I have EVER seen!

Speaking of Birth Plans, here are some articles from the perspective of a great L&D RN:
Part 1: Writing your Birth Plan; Tips from an L&D RN
Part 2: Top 10 Dos for Writing Your Birth Plan
And don’t forget to read my own article on Birth Plans!

Darrin LythgoeLove this “recipe” for helping women establish breastfeeding. It is what I recommend for moms struggling with supply or latch issues.

Today is my 21st anniversary, it’s been a (mostly) great 21 years, looking forward to many, many more. Here’s the great man who is behind all that I do. He supported me through 3 great births. He’s spent countless hours doing double parenting duty while I am at births, teaching, or attending conferences. He has used vacation days so I can be with clients. He has listened to me rant and rave about my frustrations with the maternity care system in this country. He has helped me with web design, listened to me practice my presentations, and proofread my materials. All while working a full time job AND running his own software business! I love him!

I’ve featured Ceci Jane before, but her birth videos are just so incredible! I love the older siblings here, and the real sounds of the laboring mom!

Wednesday Wrap Up, 6/5

Wednesday Wrap-Up Graphic - Salt Lake City Private Childbirth ClassesVery passionate article on Selfish Women and their Silly Birth Experiences. I, too, don’t understand why women’s desire for a good experience is often interpreted as “selfish”.

SO darn cute! Birth stories by two year olds.

A great explanation of some of the tricky things about doing research with pregnant women, and how the desire to protect women and babies might actually be hurting them.

I have a pet peeve. I hate the way so much STUFF is marketed to pregnant moms as “must haves!” – so naturally I liked this article “10 things you DON’T need for a new baby”

I work with a lot of labor and delivery nurses. I spend one shift every year shadowing a nurse, and it is exhausting. I really liked this true, positive, yet not glossy list of 40 ways to know you are an L&D Nurse.

A nice compilation of positive quotes and affirmations on birth, from HypnoBirthing Utah.

I have seen a lot of trends in baby names come and go, but never have I seen the trends mapped out like this!

Birth and maternity care in Africa, shown in photos. How different things are!

Today’s video is a little long, but is pretty useful. It’s a recording of a webinar on how to get the most out of your hospital tour:

Wednesday Wrap Up, 5/29

Wednesday Wrap-Up Graphic - Salt Lake City birth doulaOne thing many women don’t realize is that the majority of hospital based practices, and even some birth center or home birth practitioners, work on a rotating call schedule. This means that the midwife or doctor you see throughout the pregnancy may not be the one to is there to catch your baby. The larger the group of people who share call, the less likely it is that it will be your chosen care provider who is there for you. I loved this great list of questions to ask your care provider about how they handle being on call.

History, word origins, sociology, all kinds of good geekiness info in this post on the changing vocabulary of childbirth.

Loved this article on doulas, written by a dad. This quote made me laugh: “To be clear, the idea of being a superdad really appeals to me. I want to be my wife’s hero, supporting her exactly as she needs during her labor.” He goes on to explain how their doula helped him to be able to do exactly that for his wife.

Interesting look at how parents react differently to the sound of a baby crying. What comes naturally and instinctively to her might not for him. He really isn’t being a jerk, he’s just wired differently.

My clients who practice yoga through pregnancy always seem to do very well in birth. I liked this article on yoga positions that work in pregnancy.

These amazing birth photos are getting a lot of media attention! I first saw them when Emily posted them to a birth photography group I am a part of. Speedy Delivery!

I like dolphins. I like birth. I don’t know how I feel about this: Dolphin Assisted Birth. But if they wanted a photographer, I’d love to do it!

Great TED talk about conception and the development during pregnancy:

Wednesday Wrap Up 5/22

Wednsday Wrap Up Graphic - Utah birth doula
Suze Orman’s “Can I Afford It?” Doula edition.
There’s been a lot of hype about how Kegels need to be replaced by squats. This is all fueled by ONE woman who claims to have proof but has not/will not publish it for public review. Yet the natural birth community has totally jumped on the bandwagon. I do think she has an interesting point, and may very well be on to something, but I would like to see some balance and evidence in the discussion! So I was pleased to read this article: Truthfully, Kegels are Still Awesome that discusses why it is that Kegels still do have a place in women’s health.
A nice overview of the various kinds of providers that pregnant women may interact with during their pregnancy.
Pretty cool overview of the anatomy of the female organs.
Great article on when parents and doctors disagree. It’s focused on vaccination, but I think the concepts can be more widely applied, too.
This article talks about something I’ve believed for years: How IV fluids might be connected to lots of issues in birth and postpartum.
A powerful article I can really relate to: The Doula As Witness. I have witnessed some amazingly strong women in my career. I hope that they can see and know how much I admire their strength in every way they birth.
Today’s video really made me laugh! The “Baby Friendly Rap” – a tale of two births. I’m going to have to get me one of those super doula capes!

Wednesday Wrap-up March 6

The Experience of Birth - How Men and Women Experience ItHow will I know when I am in labor? What do contractions feel like? What does the “urge to push” feel like? Every expectant mom has these questions, and I struggle to answer them for two reasons:
1. The sensations are unlike pretty much everything else the body does.
2. Every woman’s experience is different. How I might describe them is not the way you might describe them.

For that reason, I’ve gathered a collection of links where others have tried to answer these questions:

How Will I Know If I am in Labor? (Of course, if you have a doula, she can help you figure that out!)
What Do Contractions Feel Like?
What does Pushing Feel Like? Includes a collection of women describing their experiences, so you see a variety of answers.

Lots of recent talk about men trying to experience pregnancy and birth. I think it is interesting and admirable that men want to try and figure it out, some some of them are over the top.

Man undergoes 9 week simulated pregnancy The Photoshopped art amuses me.
Men try to experience labor – not that this is even close…
Can Men Ever Really Understand? Nice discussion of the above two videos.

And finally, a ten minute preview of The Other Side of the Glass, a video for dads about birth: