Wednesday Wrap Up June 11

Nice list of questions to determine if you might be overlooking some red flags in your relationship with your care provider. Truly choosing the best fit of a care provider is the most valuable thing you can do to get your best birth experience. And if you need them for inspiration, stories from women who […]

Wednesday Wrap Up June 4

Wow, it’s June already? This year is flying by, must mean I am having fun! A doula finds how for herself just how hard it is to advocate for yourself with a care provider. Interesting article on using sound as a labor technique. SO many people think that if you’re “in control” or “laboring well” […]

Wednesday Wrap Up 4/30

I’ve wondered for a long time if babies who lose a lot of weight in the first day after birth are just shedding extra water weight from IV fluids! Nice to see someone addressing it. Good thing they reserved the right to overrule the internet. The Words that Steal Our Birth Power An interesting look […]

Wednesday Wrap Up 4/23

A good summary of some of the cultural and societal reasons Why Women Don’t Breastfeed. Spending time skin to skin with your baby is a pretty miraculous thing. I recently had a family with a baby in the NICU, and they were able to see some pretty dramatic positive results from having the baby skin […]

Wednesday Wrap Up 4/16

My youngest, my baby, turns 12 today. TWELVE! Hard to believe she’s grown into such a lovely young lady! That’s her over in the Wednesday Wrap Up logo for today, a photo I took of her during the dress rehearsal for a play she was in recently. April is Cesarean Awareness Month, and many great […]

Wednesday Wrap Up 4/9

We are in the middle of planning our family vacation this week, so I have travel on my mind. We will be hitting a few National Parks on a road trip. (Someday I hope to see ALL the National Parks!) If you are pregnant and planning a final kid-free trip before the baby comes? Here […]

Wednesday Wrap Up 4/2

It takes a special kind of person to be a doula, this is true. But it also takes a special kind of person to live with, love, and share a life with a doula! This article shows what that can be like: My Wife Is A Doula If you’re starting to think that you might […]

Wednesday Wrap Up 3/26

It’s my birthday week, so my baby picture is making a comeback in the Wednesday Wrap Up graphic. I have been a doula for 15 year this summer, and I have always wanted to attend a birth on my birthday, so far no such luck! But tomorrow is the day so maybe this is my […]

Wednesday Wrap Up 3/19

Expecting moms are sometimes flooded with negative messages about how pregnancy is “supposed” to be miserable. This author gives some tips on how to combat that negativity when it starts to get your down: Living a Positive Pregnancy Sometimes it is more than just cultural pressure to be miserable. Sometimes moms really *are* miserable. And […]

Wednesday Wrap-Up 2/19

If anyone ever tells you “You are Not Strong Enough” – do not believe them! On a funny note, 9 historical methods of detecting pregnancy. I’ve always laughed at the Monty Python sketch “The Machine that Goes PING!” – but this article does such a great job of comparing it to real life I think […]

Wednesday Wrap Up Feb 12

Now there’s a interesting use of new technology! Breastfeeding Mothers Get Help from Google Glass and Small World Very cool analysis of the changes in breastmilk over the course of a feeding. Smashes the fallacy of “foremilk” and “hindmilk” pretty well. I actually prefer to use a racquetball, but I use these same techniques […]

Wednesday Wrap Up: February 5

Since today is the 5th, and much of what I’m finding lately seems to have this theme… 5 reasons you need a doula for your home birth. 5 Cool Things About Nighttime Breastfeeding 5 Things you Don’t Have to Do While Pregnant 5 Things you should do before giving birth 5 Things you should NOT […]