Announcing Birth Connected!

After 9 months of working on it, I am thrilled to announce the birth of my newest project, Birth Connected. This is a completely different kind of childbirth class, based on the flipped classroom model of education. It has a wide variety of online, interactive activities to learn much of what you’ll need to know […]

Wednesday Wrap Up | November 6

You would think someone who has been through medical school would know better….how NOT to hold a baby! What a great example of the kind of nurse I hope all my clients get! Dispelling common Myths about Midwives. Interesting look at the gap between what the evidence – and the major professional organizations – say […]

Wednesday Wrap Up 10/9

Great introductory article on how to know which pregnancy studies are legit. LOVE seeing this kind of info enter the popular media! (And to be honest, wish more reporters would read it!) To learn more, I suggest my other site: Understanding Research. One of the things I try to do in my classes and in […]

Wednesday Wrap-up 10/2

Some safe sleeping tips for you and your baby, tips that will work for a variety of choices about where your baby will sleep. Not all care providers are alike. And you can’t count on the initials after their name as a good way to judge whether or not the care is good. So I […]

Wednesday Wrap Up 8/28

People say the craziest things when they don’t understand something. And quite a few people don’t understand home birth. Here’s a list of 16 things NOT to say to a mom planning a home birth. One of my personal favorites was when I was discussing with a neighbor that I have attended home births. She […]

Weekly Wrap-Up 8-21

It’s not at all unusual for even the most determined mom to say something along the lines of “I can’t do this any more, get me an epidural!” In fact in 14 years and hundreds of births, I can only remember ONE mom who never said anything like that. It’s a tough spot for a […]

Wednesday Wrap Up 8/14

Great article on things to consider when deciding if older siblings should be present for the birth. I’ve attended births where older siblings were present, and they were great experiences for everyone. But that doesn’t mean it is the right choice for every family. Loved this article on “Is your lactation consultant an impostor?” I’ve […]

Book Review: Deliver!

Deliver! A concise guide to helping the woman you love through labor. This book is a short read – I finished it in about an hour – but is packed with lots of great information for labor support people. It’s very much targeted towards men who are in a romantic relationship with the laboring mom, […]

Wednesday Wrap Up July 31

Not sure what happened, but here we are and it is already the end of July!! Oh my! You have to see this to believe it. It’s funny, crazy, and a little sad. Your baby is perfect just the way she is! This is a fantastic explanation of newborn metabolic screening, what it is, why […]

Wednesday Wrap-up July 17

Very sweet article on getting to know your newborn. Makes me kinda miss those days! Everything you ever wanted to know about the amniotic sac! Includes some lovely videos of babies born in the caul. Fun collection of breastfeeding in commercials from the US and all around the world. I laughed so hard at some […]

Wednesday Wrap Up July 3

Loved these 5 Things to Do in Your Baby’s First 24 Hours to help get breastfeeding off to a great start. They are what I have recommended to moms for years! Oh how nice it would be if I had a crystal ball, but I don’t. And your cervix isn’t a crystal ball, either. It’s […]

Wednesday Wrap Up June 26

Love this short and simple article on Embracing Life With a Newborn. Did you know that in the Victorian Era it was fashionable among the wealthy to get breastfeeding portraits? And then there’s the creepy “did they really think no one would notice” covered up mothers from the same era. One of my favorite sites, […]