Wednesday Wrap Up June 11

Weekly Web Links for the Childbearing YearNice list of questions to determine if you might be overlooking some red flags in your relationship with your care provider. Truly choosing the best fit of a care provider is the most valuable thing you can do to get your best birth experience.

And if you need them for inspiration, stories from women who changed care providers during their pregnancy.

So many great suggestions for childbirth educators and doulas working with women who are survivors of childhood abuse.

Beautiful photos of a cesarean birth with a clear drape so mom can see the birth and skin to skin in the operating room, by Boca Raton photographer Emily Robinson

Loved this list! Nine Tips to Help Midwives and Doulas Work Together – I would love to see more collaboration and less territorialism between midwives and doulas. I’ve had the experience of working really, really well with midwives, and I think the collaboration serves moms well. But I’ve also seen instances where competition and protecting your territory has resulted in a less than great experience for moms. Neither doulas nor midwives alone can be all things to a laboring mom.

I’ve linked to this story before, but here is another article on the current lawsuit over forcing a mom to have a cesarean against her will. Scary, scary stuff. The hospital’s department head actually charted this:

“The woman has decisional capacity. I have decided to override her refusal to have a C-section. Her physician, Dr. Gorelik, and hospital attorney, Mr. Fried, are in agreement.”

– essentially documenting “mom is capable of making her own decisions, but we don’t care and are going to do what we want anyway.” This is simply inhumane.

Today’s video is about midwives, the role of midwives, and the variety of women who become midwives.

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