Business Organization Tips for Doulas

Happy New Year! I originally wrote this article for but thought I’d expand and update it for the new year, in hopes it will be helpful to those who made resolutions to be more organized. For the first five years I was in business, my doula business finances were a mess! I was getting […]

What does it mean to be a professional?

Like it or not, if you take money for your doula services, you are a professional. What does it mean to be a professional? 1. You deliver what you promise. This is pretty basic stuff. You show up and do the job you are paid for. You make sure that your clients are prepared for […]

Will Work For Free?

Don't Get Burned or Burned Out

First, let’s get one thing straight: When you work for free, you tell people that your work is worthless, and that’s exactly how they treat you. Lots of people will tell you to work for free, that it is a fantastic way to get those certification births. But they DO NOT GET IT. They are […]