The Birth Plan of ACTION!!

You can find boatloads of information out there on birth plans. But most of them miss what I consider to be the most important part: Putting The Plan Into ACTION! I consider there to be 4 steps in writing a birth plan: Researching your options Deciding what is important to you and what you want […]

Don’t plan your wedding!!!

I’ve really gotten tired of it. Pregnant women who are planning for a specific kind of birth are told things like: “You know what is so cute? You – when you’re pregnant and think you actually control how things go in the delivery room.” -ScaryMommy “I encourage my clients to create “birth preferences” rather than […]

There’s more than 1 kind of birth doula?

Venn diagram of the three kinds of birth doulas

It’s been at least a decade since I first heard of the concept of birth doulas with different ways of looking at the job, and it has been an interesting concept to consider as I’ve come to know other doulas and mentor new doulas just starting it. I feel it can be a useful concept […]

Review: Beautiful Birth Bundle DVDs

Julie Johnson is a friend of mine, and my very favorite lactation consultant to refer to. I’d heard for years that she had a video on the back burner, so when I recently heard it was done and on the market, I asked if I could have a copy for review! The full Beautiful Birth […]