My favorite moment at births

Newborn looking at mom after birth

There are many things I love about births. I love seeing women be strong and powerful. I love seeing the relationships between partners and the way partners step up and provide just what is needed, or say just the right thing at just the right moment. I love the humorous moments – and a time […]

Wednesday Wrap Up June 4

Wow, it’s June already? This year is flying by, must mean I am having fun! A doula finds how for herself just how hard it is to advocate for yourself with a care provider. Interesting article on using sound as a labor technique. SO many people think that if you’re “in control” or “laboring well” […]

Wednesday Wrap-Up 10/16

Nice article on the concept of caveat emptor “let the buyer beware” – it is up to YOU to know what kind of care you are buying when you hire a doctor, midwife, doula, birth photographer, etc. Make sure you are asking good questions, getting references, and finding out if the service you are buying […]

Wednesday Wrap-up July 17

Very sweet article on getting to know your newborn. Makes me kinda miss those days! Everything you ever wanted to know about the amniotic sac! Includes some lovely videos of babies born in the caul. Fun collection of breastfeeding in commercials from the US and all around the world. I laughed so hard at some […]

Wednesday Wrap-up 3/27

Special edition of the Wednesday Wrap Up to celebrate MY OWN BIRTHDAY! (And that’s me in the image on the left, wasn’t I cute?) Fun fact: The hospital where I was born was the very first hospital in the State of California to earn Baby Friendly status, though not until long after I was born […]

Do you use Pinterest?

Birth Photography

If so, I have several birth-related boards you might enjoy. You can see all my boards here or pick the individual boards below. Feel free to follow me, and please share your favorite birthy Pinterest boards in the comments! My Birthy Stuff board is where I pin articles, products, books, and links to resources that […]

Barbie Gives Birth!

Barbie Giving Birth by Katie Moore of Beach Birth

A fellow Birth Photographer, Katie Moore of Beach Birth Photography, was lucky enough to document Barbie giving birth! Check it out, it is really well done and you’ll see Barbie laboring in water, doing skin to skin with her newborn, getting counter pressure for back labor, and more! (If only she’d hired Skipper to be […]

Best of 2012 Slideshow

Birth Photography Newborn Still Attached

As 2012 comes to a close, I start thinking about the last year, and all the wonderful babies I’ve been lucky enough to meet. Since I also do birth photography through my sister business Maternal Focus, I decided to compile some of my all-time favorite images from 2012 into one slideshow. I hope you enjoy […]