Excelling at the Expo


You have the opportunity to get a booth at a local baby fair! Should you do it? If you do, how do you even get started pulling together a booth? This class will help you think through every step of the way, from deciding if it’s even a good idea to following up after it’s finished.


Baby fairs and birth expos are frequently recommended as a good way to get clients for your doula business, but the investment can be steep. Is it worth it? Maybe, maybe not! In this course, I’ll go over every aspect so you know what you’re getting into and can make the best decision for you and your business, and execute it well if you decide to do it. This mini course has all seven lessons available immediately after your register:

Evaluating Expos
Preparing Your Presentation
Marketing Materials
Setting the Scene
Attracting Attention
Making the Most of It
The Final Follow Up