Bullet Journals for Doulas

Most people think of bullet journaling as a very craft-centric, artistic thing. And it can be! If that is your strength, go for it! I stumbled into it because I couldn’t find a planner that did what I wanted, and looked for ways to make my own. A bullet journal can be elaborate and artistic, or it can be streamlined and basic. The key is to make sure that it is working for you!

In this class, I’ll go over some of the common ways you can use the bullet journal concept to help you with your doula business, to keep you organized, productive, and moving forward towards your goals!


Effective Ways of Building Stamina

Communication with Care Providers and Staff

Expectant parents discussing with midwife

Clarifying What’s Important to You

Choosing Your Birth Place and Team

Using Leapfrog to Research Hospital Options

Scenario: Did My Water Just Break?

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