Choosing a host

Your HOST is the service that puts your web site online. With WordPress, you have two kinds of options:

Hosting at WordPress.COM – this is free but bare bones WordPress. You are severely limited in what you can do, and they make their money by nickel and diming you with add-ons to customize. This is NOT the best option for this class. Even if you bought every possible add on and customization possibility, you would spend more and have less flexibility than with the next option.

Self-Hosted WordPress – You hire a company to host your site. This is doable for as little as $5/month, and you have all the flexibility and options that WordPress can do. This class is geared towards people using this option. As much as possible, I’ll be encouraging you to work with free options rather than paid, as there are some amazing free resources out there, so you shouldn’t have to spend money beyond basic hosting and buying your domain name

Reviews of Hosts

Inexpensive hosts that work well with WordPress

My Choice

Simply – this is who I have used for the last decade or so. They host my 6 web sites and my husband’s as well. I have found them to be reliable, quick to respond to support needs, and the pricing is good. The Basic Shared Hosting is $5 a month (even less if you pay annually!) and works well for what I need. This is the host I use in the Installing WordPress video. The sign up link below is an affiliate link (through my husband’s business) and may even contain a deal!

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Teaser rate is $3/ month, after the inital period it is $7/month. Annual plans also available. They advertise a free domain name, do be aware that this may not be registered in YOUR name, often with free domain names they register it in their name and use that to keep you as a customer for life. BlueHost is a popular hosting company and I know lots of people who use it and are happy with it. They will even install WordPress for you if you buy a Shared Hosting plan (which are usually the cheaper plans, too!)

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Their basic plan is also about $5 a month, though they advertise a lower rate that rate is “when paid annually”. Their larger plans include a domain name, but double check which name it will be registered in! It sounds (based on including privacy settings) that they will register it in your name, but be sure.

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$3.95/month introductory rate, $11.95 after the promotional period. They’ll install it for free, and keep your WordPress install updated for you.