Complete Childbirth Class With Personal Access

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Learn on your own terms.

This hybrid class includes online learning and online sessions to learn labor skills. You can do the learning on your own time and schedule the hands on session at your convenience. One online session of up to 90 minutes can be scheduled during the course This session is highly customizable, and can include learning relaxation, breathing, visualization, partner massage, and more. We can adjust the topics if you would like, or if you have a specific need. Extra sessions are available for an additional fee.

Online learning includes videos, handouts, interactive activities, scenarios, and audio relaxation exercises. You’ll get a course workbook, a box with all the materials to complete the exercises, and labor skills reference book.


Covers everything from healthy pregnancy to recovery from birth and newborn parenting.


Downloadable relaxation and visualization exercises.


I'll be available to answer any questions by email, and you'll get a 90 minute online session to talk about what's important to you.

Materials Included

US based families will get all the materials to complete the exercises through the mail.

Included Modules

Activity Box

Collage of items from activity box

Many of the activities in this course are hands on learning. This course comes with a box with all the materials you’ll need to complete the exercise. No printing, no gathering materials, you’re all set!