Complete Childbirth Preparation with In Person Session

This hybrid class includes online learning and a personal hands on session to learn labor skills. You can do the learning on your own time and schedule the hands on session at your convenience. Hands on sessions may be done anywhere within 50 miles of Sandy Utah, or within 75 miles for an additional travel fee.

Online learning includes videos, handouts, interactive activities, scenarios, and audio relaxation exercises. You’ll get a course workbook, a box with all the materials to complete the exercises, and labor skills reference book.

Includes lessons on:

  • Normal Physiology of Birth
  • Common Variations
  • Medical Interventions
  • Communicating with Care Providers
  • Planning for Birth
  • Labor Techniques
  • Transition to Parenthood

The hands on sessions are up to three hours long and include learning relaxation, breathing, visualization, partner massage, and more. They can be completed in one or two sessions.