Posterior Positioning and Back Labor

Silhouette of a pregnant person with diagram of a posterior baby

About 25% of the time, babies will be in a less than ideal position, most likely posterior. This short module will help you learn how you can encourage rotation and work with back labor, where contractions are felt mostly in the low back.

So you are considering induction…

This quick module covers some of the common reasons for labor induction, the most used methods of induction, and some information on figuring out your body’s readiness for labor.

Cesarean Birth

Hands on a belly next to a healing incision from a cesarean birth.

If a cesarean birth is in your future, this quick module will help you know what to expect and how to prepare to have your baby by cesarean.

My baby is breech!

Silhouette of a pregnant person with diagram of a breech baby

If you’re 32+ weeks and your baby is breech, you might be wondering what – if anything – you can do about that. This class will go over some of your options for encouraging a breech baby to turn head down.

Transitioning to Parenthood

Dad with baby on his chest, mother looking on and smiling.

It’s not easy to become a parent or add a new child to your family! This module will help you figure out what you can do in advance to make the transition smoother, look out for serious bumps in the road, and get a good start on breastfeeding if that’s your plan.

Planning for your Birth

Pregnant person writing plans in a notebook

There are three steps for planning your birth: Exploring your options Deciding what you want Doing what you can to maximize your chances of getting it This process may or may not include writing a document. This course will give you ways to explore your options and figure out what you want, as well as […]

Introduction to Labor Techniques

Laboring woman sitting on bed, supported by partner and doula

This module is an introduction to some of the common techniques that people use to be more comfortable during the labor process. Includes audio files for several different kinds of breathing and relaxation. Note: This class does NOT include an in-person or over the internet session. It is just the online part of this module. […]

The Physiology of Labor and Birth

This course covers the basics of physiologic birth – what the body does the vast majority of the time when not induced or otherwise hurried along. Would pair well with my Variations of Labor module.