Natural Birth Bundle

Planning an unmedicated birth? This bundle includes everything you need to know to be prepared for natural birth. It includes the physiology of normal birth, labor skills, and birth planning.

The Medical Side of Birth Bundle

Nurse checking the monitors on a pregnant person's belly

Inductions and monitoring and and IVs, oh my! If you are feeling overwhelmed by the medical stuff that can sometimes go along with birth, this module will cover the most common things that might come up. Includes the Cesarean and Induction modules, as well as additional information on routine procedures like IVs, breaking the amniotic […]

Common Variations in Labor Bundle

Couple laboring in hospital hallway, overlaid with a road sign reading detour ahead

It’s not unusual for labor to be not quite the textbook process, but still within the normal range. This bundle includes the modules for breech babies and posterior positioning, and additional information on longer than usual labors and other variations.