Wednesday Wrap Up February 2020

A new study shows that general anesthesia, where they person giving birth is unconscious, increases postpartum depression quite a bit. One parent’s attempt to find the perfect parenting book leads to discovering the Diabolical Genius of the Baby Advice Industry An excellent summary of Why it’s Worth Waiting to Go Into Labor and the questions […]

Wednesday Wrap Up

Stacie Bingham takes a look at the differences between training, certification and experience in doulas The Data Detective: One doctor’s quest to fix cesareans – short video on Neel Shah and his work to lower cesarean rates. Some new information from the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine about safe cosleeping. I’ve always thought that there is […]

Wednesday Wrap Up December 2019

Nothing can make brand new parents feel more out of control than having their baby admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit. The organization Empowered NICU Parenting aims to change that. It’s happening all the time on social media, but Is Informal Milk Sharing Safe? A new project in Ireland aims to build more realistic […]

Wednesday Wrap Up November 2019

How Forceps Permanently Changed the Way Humans are Born – and an interesting idea of medical knowledge and lived experience as two valid sources of knowing about birth Let’s Midwife the System – Amy Romano’s call for change in maternity care, led by midwives. Just because it’s that time of the year and you might […]

Wednesday Wrap Up October 2019

A systematic review comparing planned home births to planned hospital births in low risk parents found no difference in adverse outcomes. Midwife thinking takes a look at the risk of care provider fear. Olivia Tupper, a midwifery student, wrote this beautiful song about being a midwife and giving birth.

Wednesday Wrap Up September 2019

Fascinating article in The Cut about the placenta. Touches on science, culture, different worldviews, and all kinds of interesting stuff. A list of potential scripts for things to say if you feel like the staff caring for you during your labor and birth are not being respectful or kind. Hannah Chenoweth is busting some doula […]

Wednesday Wrap Up July 2019

An Interesting look at pain in labor. You’re preparing for the baby, but are you preparing for the changes it will bring to YOU as a parent? I know many who have experienced rage as a symptom of postpartum mood disorders. Some great recipes you can prepare for after the baby comes. And finally, a […]

Wednesday Wrap Up June 2019

An interesting interview with a male midwife. I agree that ” There’s a great place for men in any profession they care deeply about.” and would love to see more men embracing the midwifery model and becoming midwives. And here’s why we need more of the respect and collaboration that are a hallmark of the […]

Wednesday Wrap Up May 2019

What language do you use to refer to a cesarean? Please don’t call my cesarean a “cesarean birth” – thought provoking article! One of my favorite birth blogs, Science and Sensibility, has a new name and a new look: Connecting The Dots: Research and Resources for Perinatal Professionals I love the project to reach families […]

Wednesday Wrap Up April 2019

What it was like giving birth in the 1960s. Very different. And not in a good way. What’s inside the belly button? An interesting look at the remnants of fetal circulation. One midwife’s approach to pushing for first time moms. Yes, I am linking to one of my own posts! Understanding Racial Inequities in Birth […]