Wednesday Wrap Up – Cord Clamping

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All about the umbilical cord History of cord clamping and cutting How to cut When to cut Academic OB on why delayed clamping should be standard and his follow up on the issue A doctor’s perspective on common objections to delayed clamping Can I donate or bank cord blood and delay cord clamping? This is […]

Wednesday Wrap Up – Multiples

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A rundown of the types of twins Stats about the frequency of multiples in the US Higher order multiples Information 5 Things to Do when You Learn You’re Expecting Two What you need two of….and what you don’t! Birth Stories A natural childbirth of twins Cesarean birth of twins Triplet birth Feeding Should you breastfeed […]

Wednesday Wrap Up – Induction of Labor

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Starting this month, I’ll be doing the Wednesday Wrap Up a little bit differently! Each month will focus on a specific topic and I’ll share articles, videos and podcast episodes that can help you learn more about the topic. If you have a topic you’d like to suggest I feature, please let me know! Making […]

Wednesday Wrap Up November 2020

Evidence Based Birth is at it again, this time they have a podcast episode updating the evidence on membrane sweeping for labor. Plus Size Birth discusses the genetic noninvasive testing in pregnancy, and how they might work differently with plus sized pregnant people. Henci Goer looks at the facts and asks Should You Agree to […]

Wednesday Wrap Up September 2020

I get asked about how effective red raspberry leaf tea is all the time, so I was happy to see Rebecca Dekker of Evidence Based Birth write about it. A new study looks at how common it is for people to be mistreated while giving birth. It’s shockingly common. Midwife Sara Wickham takes a look […]

Wednesday Wrap Up August 2020

Henci Goer (author of the Thinking Woman’s Guide to Birth) is blogging again! Recently she published articles on Water Injections for Back Labor and VBAC Care Providers She is also offering a free eBook on choosing a birth place in the time of COVID. Stacie Bingham has a great article on the accuracy of ultrasound […]

Wednesday Wrap Up July 2020

The Evidence on Pitocin During Third Stage Labor by Evidence Based Birth Urgent Maternal Warning Signs – a list of 11 things to never overlook or dismiss during or after pregnancy. Includes a free printable in both English and Spanish

Wednesday Wrap Up June 2020

What a wild, wild year it’s turning out to be. Today’s links will be categorized by topic: COVID-19 related information Do Dark COVID-19 clouds lead to silver linings for birthing people? The CDC’s page on protecting yourself and your family if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Evidence Based Birth’s COVID-19 page. Make sure you scroll […]