Open letter to family supporting laboring moms

Letter for labor partners, with partner providing hip pressure in background

This letter was one I wrote to my brother-in-law when my sister was expecting her first baby over a decade ago. I recently found it saved on my computer and thought it would make an excellent blog post. It has tips that would help just about any friend or family member supporting a laboring mom […]

What Does a Contraction Feel Like?

I am so excited for this project! I’m compiling short videos of people describing what contractions feel like. The answer is going to vary widely from person to person, and I want to hear your personal experience Please share a one minute video with me describing what a contraction feels like to you HERE The […]

My birth career is an adult!

About this time eighteen years ago, I finished teaching my very first childbirth class. Three couples, on my couch in my tiny little house. My friend Kristi helped me find the couples to teach, and I had a more experienced educator observing me and mentoring me. I was every bit as pregnant as the women […]

Lamaze Conference Wrap Up 2015

Last month I attended the Lamaze International and ICEA combined conference in Las Vegas. While I’m not a fan of The Strip *at all* I was able to have a fantastic time with hundreds of other birth professionals. So much to learn, so many great people to talk with! The fun began Thursday morning when […]

You might be ready to be a doula if…..

Inspired by this parenting test, I set out to create a doula version. While this is complete parody and all done in good fun, there are some truths about life as a doula that would be good for prospective birth professionals to consider. Test 1: The On Call Test Step 1 – Pick a day […]

Childbirth Education in the media

Rebozo Midwives

Since I teach childbirth classes, and I have a sense of humor, I generally enjoy seeing childbirth classes in TV shows or movies. Here are some that made me laugh. What are your favorite depictions of childbirth classes in the media? Northern Exposure: Joel oversimplifies, Maggie does much better, and in the end, Joel’s oversimplification […]

60 Tips for Healthy Birth

Lamaze International has been doing a fantastic series of posts on their Giving Birth With Confidence blog. They are all great, and I thought I’d share them here. As a Lamaze Educator, my classes support these 6 principles, and you’ll learn even more tips on achieving the healthy birth you want. 60 Tips for Healthy […]

Fun At Lamaze! | Part 3

The third and final day. After all the learning and all the fun, I am utterly exhausted. And yet I have to present again. First thing in the morning. This time my topic was “Out of the Bayou: Helping Families Navigate the Online Swamp” My roommate and friend was kind enough to attend my session […]

Fun at Lamaze! | Part 2

Melinda Delisle teaching massage

Day 2 of the Lamaze International Conference started with the LONGEST 90 minute session, ever! Yes, I presented a session first thing Saturday morning! My topic was “Studies, Stats and All That Jazz: Finding Your Research Rhythm for Safe and Healthy Birth” – I think it went well, we discussed different kinds of bias, ways […]

Fun at Lamaze Part 1!

NOLA Skyline

The Lamaze conference in New Orleans was a great experience for me, as always, I loved being a part of a large group of women who are all determined to help women have great births! I flew out the day before and checked into the Astor Crowne Plaza, right on the corner of Bourbon St […]