Open letter to family supporting laboring moms

Letter for labor partners, with partner providing hip pressure in background

This letter was one I wrote to my brother-in-law when my sister was expecting her first baby over a decade ago. I recently found it saved on my computer and thought it would make an excellent blog post. It has tips that would help just about any friend or family member supporting a laboring mom […]

What Does a Contraction Feel Like?

I am so excited for this project! I’m compiling short videos of people describing what contractions feel like. The answer is going to vary widely from person to person, and I want to hear your personal experience Please share a one minute video with me describing what a contraction feels like to you HERE The […]

My birth career is an adult!

About this time eighteen years ago, I finished teaching my very first childbirth class. Three couples, on my couch in my tiny little house. My friend Kristi helped me find the couples to teach, and I had a more experienced educator observing me and mentoring me. I was every bit as pregnant as the women […]

Lamaze Conference Wrap Up 2015

Last month I attended the Lamaze International and ICEA combined conference in Las Vegas. While I’m not a fan of The Strip *at all* I was able to have a fantastic time with hundreds of other birth professionals. So much to learn, so many great people to talk with! The fun began Thursday morning when […]

You might be ready to be a doula if…..

Inspired by this parenting test, I set out to create a doula version. While this is complete parody and all done in good fun, there are some truths about life as a doula that would be good for prospective birth professionals to consider. Test 1: The On Call Test Step 1 – Pick a day […]

Childbirth Education in the media

Rebozo Midwives

Since I teach childbirth classes, and I have a sense of humor, I generally enjoy seeing childbirth classes in TV shows or movies. Here are some that made me laugh. What are your favorite depictions of childbirth classes in the media? Northern Exposure: Joel oversimplifies, Maggie does much better, and in the end, Joel’s oversimplification […]

60 Tips for Healthy Birth

Lamaze International has been doing a fantastic series of posts on their Giving Birth With Confidence blog. They are all great, and I thought I’d share them here. As a Lamaze Educator, my classes support these 6 principles, and you’ll learn even more tips on achieving the healthy birth you want. 60 Tips for Healthy […]

Fun At Lamaze! | Part 3

The third and final day. After all the learning and all the fun, I am utterly exhausted. And yet I have to present again. First thing in the morning. This time my topic was “Out of the Bayou: Helping Families Navigate the Online Swamp” My roommate and friend was kind enough to attend my session […]

Fun at Lamaze! | Part 2

Melinda Delisle teaching massage

Day 2 of the Lamaze International Conference started with the LONGEST 90 minute session, ever! Yes, I presented a session first thing Saturday morning! My topic was “Studies, Stats and All That Jazz: Finding Your Research Rhythm for Safe and Healthy Birth” – I think it went well, we discussed different kinds of bias, ways […]

Fun at Lamaze Part 1!

NOLA Skyline

The Lamaze conference in New Orleans was a great experience for me, as always, I loved being a part of a large group of women who are all determined to help women have great births! I flew out the day before and checked into the Astor Crowne Plaza, right on the corner of Bourbon St […]

Best Apps for Pregnancy, Birth and Parenthood

Birth and pregnancy apps for smartphones and tablets

These days, a smartphone or an iPad gives you lots of information literally in the palm of your hand. Cutting through the fluff to find the really useful stuff can be a real pain! I’ve found a few apps to be really useful to me in my birth work: iBirth If you only get one […]

Fun Pregnancy Announcements

These days the old “call mom and dad and tell them we are expecting” is boring and lame, I guess. Even though it worked perfectly for me three times, it seems to be so much more fun to do it differently and record the reaction. There are so many fun and creative ways to make […]