Exploring Head Down Positions

Head Down baby with arrows showing roation and abbreviations for different positions around

Yay! Your baby is head down! That’s a good thing. But did you know there is still 360 degrees of variation once head down? Take a minute to explore what the possibilities are, and what all those abbreviations mean!

What is Trisomy?

Normally humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes. These chromosomes contain the DNA that are the “instructions” for how to build our bodies. The egg and the sperm each bring one for each pair – at least most of the time! Every now and then when the egg or sperm is forming something doesn’t go quite […]

What’s in a hospital birth room?

Many people have never been in a hospital labor and delivery room, and with the pandemic happening, tours are not even an option. Take a look at this interactive picture and see some of the common equipment you might see in a Labor & Delivery room. If you like this way of learning, check out […]