Wednesday Wrap Up – Induction of Labor

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Starting this month, I’ll be doing the Wednesday Wrap Up a little bit differently! Each month will focus on a specific topic and I’ll share articles, videos and podcast episodes that can help you learn more about the topic. If you have a topic you’d like to suggest I feature, please let me know! Making […]

Adjusting to a new sibling

Little girl reading to a new baby

Adding a new baby to the family is tricky enough the first time around. The challenges the second time around are different, but no less tricky. One of the bigger challenges is the adjustment for an older sibling. Here are some tips for making the transition a bit smoother: Before the baby comes Talk about […]

The very end of pregnancy

As I wait for this month-that-has-felt-unending to finally end, I have been thinking a lot about the last little while of pregnancy. It, too, can feel like it’s not going to end. But I promise you, it will! First off, let’s talk about how to deal with those annoying people who keep asking you if […]

Hyperemeis Gravidarium: Not just morning sickness!

Pregnant woman on a couch, surrounded by speech bubbles of unhelpful advice

“Just drink some ginger ale!”“Sea bands will fix you right up!”“Just keep some saltines by your bed.” If you have hyperemesis, you probably heard these so often it made you want to scream. While these remedies might work for your garden variety morning sickness, they are completely useless against the monster that is hyperemesis. Since […]

Epidurals: Are they the only choice?

Lamaze International has a great new infographic out, this one addressed the best current research on epidurals, other options available, and how you can get accurate information on epidural use and policies in your area.

So you are expecting twins!

Twin pregnancies are very interesting, and I have loved working with the twin moms who have hired me. I’ve compiled some resources for learning more about twin pregnancies and births. The best explanation of the different types of twin pregnancies that I have seen. Nutrition Requirements in twin pregnancies. A new Canadian study shows that […]

Do you use Pinterest?

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If so, I have several birth-related boards you might enjoy. You can see all my boards here or pick the individual boards below. Feel free to follow me, and please share your favorite birthy Pinterest boards in the comments! My Birthy Stuff board is where I pin articles, products, books, and links to resources that […]

Birth by the Numbers

You’ve probably heard lots of different statistics bandied about when people talk about birth. It can be really, really hard to sort throug it all and understand what it really means for birthing women. I’ve had the chance to hear Gene Declercq speak in person, and I really appreciated his ability to make complicated statistics […]

Online Pregnancy Resources I Love!

Parents holding hands during labor - doula supported birth

There are so many sites out there for pregnancy, but not all of them are mother-friendly and natural birth friendly. Here are some of my favorite places for pregnancy information that respects a mother’s intelligence and right to make decisions for herself and her baby: Information Science and Sensibility A great blog to learn more […]

Recommended Reading

Newborn footprints - Utah doula and childbirth educator

I highly recommend that you read at least two or more books on pregnancy and delivery. This way, you will start to see that what some authors portray as fact is truly opinion. Also, as you read contrasting points of view, you can begin to form your own opinions and make decisions about what is […]