The very best parenting method is…..

As I work with a lot of expectant families, one of the most common questions I get is “which parenting method do you recommend?” The answer is….complicated! I am very much a fan of the “cafeteria” approach to parenting over any particular style/class. I recommend new parents read and learn about a lot of approaches […]

What is a metabolic disease?

Newborn foot getting metabolic testing drawn

No one likes the idea of their precious new baby getting pricked in the heel for testing. But that test – the Newborn Metabolic Screening – is an important one that can ensure you baby can reach their full potential and spot the early signs of problems. To understand metabolic disease, we first need to […]

A holiday is not a medical reason for an induction!

When I was newly pregnant with my second baby, I went to my first appointment with my doctor. Before I even got back to the exam room, the nurse used a little cardboard wheel to calculate my due date as December 25. “Christmas Day! We’ll go ahead and schedule you for an induction today so […]

Research the Research Headlines

Now, more than ever, there is so much misinformation out there about health. Falling for bad information about research studies can cause you to make choices that harm your health, either by convincing you to skip useful health care or worse, to choose something actively harmful. How can you know the difference? I have for […]

What’s Pelvis Shape Got to Do With It?

During the birth process, the baby passes through the pelvis. Many, many people worry about that whole process during their pregnancy. The good news is that the vast majority of the time, the shape of the pelvis, combined with the body’s ability to shift the pelvic opening during the birth process and the baby’s ability […]

What do skeletons have to do with birth?

When you have spent your professional life in the birth world, Halloween stuff looks a little different. I shop for BRAIN stuff to use in activities for my in-person classes, and I cannot help but evaluate the pelvises on the decorative skeletons to see if they will work well for birth. Some don’t even have […]

Keys to surviving the first few months of parenthood

Colorful set of keys

1. Figure out your baby’s schedule instead of trying to make your baby conform to yours. Lots of parents sit down and make a schedule for life with a newborn. But the newborn has no idea that you have this expectation, and they have their own will. When my youngest was born, I chose to […]

Relocating to a new city during pregnancy

I moved during one of my pregnancies. Or, more accurately, I *prepared* for a move during one of my pregnancies. The actual move took place on the day my daughter was born, after the main event was over and I went to the hospital from the old apartment and came home to the new one […]

Dr. Facebook Will (NOT) See You Now

Pregnant woman staring in frustration at her cell phone

Monday, 4:30 am. A new mom posts to Facebook that she is struggling with her baby being fussy at nighttime feedings. Within 2 hours, she has received four different diagnoses from fellow Facebookers: Dairy allergy, thrush, lip and tongue tie, and reflux. She’s been prescribed probiotics, gentian violet, nystatin, 4 different herbs, and a plastic […]

Birthing Hips, Shoe Size and Other Body Shapes and Lies

Women of all different shapes and skin tones with hands on their hips

The idea that some people have “birthing hips” or “childbearing hips” is one that is pervasive in our culture. There are songs about it, memes about it, and many, many badly written novels describe women’s bodies in terms of their perceived ability to give birth. The truth is, you can’t tell a darn thing about […]