Relocating to a new city during pregnancy

I moved during one of my pregnancies. Or, more accurately, I *prepared* for a move during one of my pregnancies. The actual move took place on the day my daughter was born, after the main event was over and I went to the hospital from the old apartment and came home to the new one […]

Dr. Facebook Will (NOT) See You Now

Pregnant woman staring in frustration at her cell phone

Monday, 4:30 am. A new mom posts to Facebook that she is struggling with her baby being fussy at nighttime feedings. Within 2 hours, she has received four different diagnoses from fellow Facebookers: Dairy allergy, thrush, lip and tongue tie, and reflux. She’s been prescribed probiotics, gentian violet, nystatin, 4 different herbs, and a plastic […]

Birthing Hips, Shoe Size and Other Body Shapes and Lies

Women of all different shapes and skin tones with hands on their hips

The idea that some people have “birthing hips” or “childbearing hips” is one that is pervasive in our culture. There are songs about it, memes about it, and many, many badly written novels describe women’s bodies in terms of their perceived ability to give birth. The truth is, you can’t tell a darn thing about […]

The Fallacy of False Labor

Woman in early labor, with partner timing contractions

It is a very common theme: Women in my classes want to know “how do I know if it is false labor?” Posts on Social Media “Is this real labor? I’ll be embarrassed to go in if it is false labor!” Expectant neighbors or family members calling at all hours “should I go to the […]

Practical Preparation for Postpartum

Family preparing freezer meals for expecting family

Most expecting parents think about preparing things for the baby. They buy clothes, decorate a nursery, decide on a name, and dream about the life they hope to give their baby. Preparations for themselves are often overlooked, and can make the experience of bringing a baby into the home much harder than it needs to […]

27 Smartest Things Partners Say in the Labor Room

I’ll admit it. This is a VERY reactionary post. I saw this list: 27 Dumbest Things Dads Have Said in the Delivery Room and it bugged me. Because in the many births I’ve attended, the amazing, supportive, helpful and loving partners have far, far outweighed the fumbles. And I’m really tired of the “dad as […]

Infant massage: Building connection through touch

Newborn baby having feet massaged

Building a strong bond and connection with your baby comes through a variety of different ways, and massaging your baby meets two of them: Skin to skin touch, and learning to respond to each other in a reciprocal way. If you’re interested in massaging your baby, here are some useful tips: Pick the right time […]

If you don’t want it, just say no!

Cartoon woman holding sign that says No Thanks, with cartoon doctor in the background

Warning: Rant ahead! I wrote this years ago – the original version was a little more, um…passionate. I’ve just now toned it down to where I feel comfortable posting it. Still pretty opinionated. This rant doesn’t apply in the least to moms who want exams and get them. This rant is about moms who feel […]

Hyperemeis Gravidarium: Not just morning sickness!

Pregnant woman on a couch, surrounded by speech bubbles of unhelpful advice

“Just drink some ginger ale!”“Sea bands will fix you right up!”“Just keep some saltines by your bed.” If you have hyperemesis, you probably heard these so often it made you want to scream. While these remedies might work for your garden variety morning sickness, they are completely useless against the monster that is hyperemesis. Since […]

When birth does not go as you’d hoped…

New mom depressed

Can you think of anything worse to say to a mom who is opening up about feelings of disappointment or pain after a difficult birth? I can’t. The unsaid subtext mom hears goes something like this: “Just be glad you have a healthy baby. Any other emotions you have don’t count. There is only one […]