What is Trisomy?

Normally humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes. These chromosomes contain the DNA that are the “instructions” for how to build our bodies. The egg and the sperm each bring one for each pair – at least most of the time! Every now and then when the egg or sperm is forming something doesn’t go quite […]

Laborade Recipe Generator

There’s no right or wrong way to make laborade! Use this interactive exercise to create and print a recipe that’s perfect for you! If you like this kind of activity, my online childbirth classes use this type of interaction to teach all about labor and birth!

Wednesday Wrap Up – Induction of Labor

Collage of images with Wednesday Wrap Up superimposed

Starting this month, I’ll be doing the Wednesday Wrap Up a little bit differently! Each month will focus on a specific topic and I’ll share articles, videos and podcast episodes that can help you learn more about the topic. If you have a topic you’d like to suggest I feature, please let me know! Making […]

What do contractions feel like?

Woman experiencing a contraction

It’s probably the most common question I get in my classes. And it’s also the hardest to answer! Everyone’s perception and experience of contractions is different, so I can’t tell you exactly what yours might feel like. What I can do is share a variety of others’ experiences and perspectives with you to give you […]

What to do when your water breaks – and you’re not contracting yet!

Pregnant woman on the phone saying my water broke but I'm not in labor

It doesn’t happen often STAT HERE, but occasionally the amniotic sac breaks and the water releases before labor begins. It can really throw people for a loop, because that’s not how you expect labor to start. So let’s talk about your options in that situation. NOTE: This discussion applies to this situation *at term* – […]

Adjusting to a new sibling

Little girl reading to a new baby

Adding a new baby to the family is tricky enough the first time around. The challenges the second time around are different, but no less tricky. One of the bigger challenges is the adjustment for an older sibling. Here are some tips for making the transition a bit smoother: Before the baby comes Talk about […]

Schedules v Routines for newborns

Schedules are pretty controversial for newborn babies. And I agree, if we are talking about a rigid schedule that a parent sat down and created (or paid a stranger to create!) that may or may not work out for the baby. The problem with schedules is that a newborn has no idea what schedule was […]

5 Articles to Read if You are Past Your Due Date

It can be really hard to go past your due date! You may face decisions and judgement and emotions you didn’t expect. Here are some of my favorite reads for people who are past their due date: Are you really “overdue”? If you need to feel connected to your body and your baby If you […]

2020 Gift Guide for Pregnant People

It’s true, there are lots of pregnancy gift guides out there. The difference here is that I’ve chosen to focus on items for the one who is pregnant, rather than stuff for the baby. I know it irritated me when I was pregnant and I would get holiday or birthday gifts that were really sneaky […]