Home Birth Prep List

Living room set up for a home birth

When you’re having a home birth, you might think there’s nothing to pack! But….there are things you can organize and buy to make for a better experience. Many midwives will give you a list of the supplies they recommend, so I’m not going to try and cover those, but I do want to address some […]

Wednesday Wrap Up Sept 2021: Baby Safety

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There’s no way I can cover every possibility for baby safety, but here are some links to information on some of the most common safety topics: Good overall article on baby safety Car Seat Safety Car seat checklist The process of choosing and using a car seat Find a car seat technician in your area […]

Wednesday Wrap Up Aug 2021: Breastfeeding

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MotherToBaby is a great place to learn more about medications, environmental exposures, and anything else you are worried might be a problem with breastfeeding. Lactation Link offers online courses about breastfeeding from an IBCLC. KellyMom has great evidence based information Find an IBCLC in your area here. Milkology has a bunch of free resources you […]

100% Clean Milk and other lies we judge ourselves by

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I recently saw a few posts on social media that I’ve paraphrased here: I had to have emergency gallbladder surgery this week, at 10 days postpartum. I have declined all medication even after told low doses are okay just to make sure my supply stays strong and so my baby gets 100% clean milk. Because […]

Wednesday Wrap Up July 2021: Back Pain

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Back pain is a really common issue for pregnancy. Not all pregnancy back pain is the same! Here are some links to learn more about the different kinds of back pain and what you can do: First Trimester Back Pain Common causes of back pain in pregnancy 5 Ways to Ease Back Pain in Pregnancy […]

Various viewpoints on consent

Expectant parents discussing with midwife

Some people think of informed consent as a two step process. The care provider tells you the information and you consent. That’s the quick and easy way of doing it and it’s the way some care providers prefer it. But TRUE informed consent isn’t quick and easy. It involves a conversation, not just a recitation […]

Wednesday Wrap Up: Pride Month 2021

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The Family Equality Organization has a Path2Parenthood program and there are some useful resources there. Gay Parents to Be has some information on grants and charities to help families grow. The LGBT Mummies Tribe hosts events and support groups for lots of different kinds of parents and families.

Exploring Head Down Positions

Head Down baby with arrows showing roation and abbreviations for different positions around

Yay! Your baby is head down! That’s a good thing. But did you know there is still 360 degrees of variation once head down? Take a minute to explore what the possibilities are, and what all those abbreviations mean!

Did high school make birth and parenting hard for you?

High school students being shown a scary birth video

I’ve noticed the ghost of high school health class reverbating into adulthood in a couple different ways. And not in good ways! Scary birth videos I honestly LOATHE the idea of high schools using birth videos as birth control. Maybe it is because I get those same women 10 years later and have to work […]

Wednesday Wrap Up – Newborn Procedures

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Which newborn procedures are common where you are depends on a few things: What the law requires in your area, what your local medical societies recommend, and the culture and preferences of your birth place and provider. Here are some you might experience and links where you can learn more about them: Weighing and Measuring […]

Looking for the ONE best?

Hands holding a tablet with the words The Quest for the Best

We ALL want the best for our babies! That’s a good desire that can serve you well – or become a hard burden. Wanting the best for your babies means I get a lot of questions like these: What’s the BEST bottle? Who is the BEST doctor? Where is the BEST place to birth? When […]

There’s no such thing as a “natural induction”

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It’s tempting to just “get this show on the road” and have the baby already! Especially if you’re suffering from S.T.O.P. Syndrome (Sick and Tired Of Pregnancy). Or maybe your care provider is threatening an induction or repeat cesarean if you don’t have the baby by a certain date. So you might think that a […]