Wednesday Wrap Up: Pride Month 2021

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The Family Equality Organization has a Path2Parenthood program and there are some useful resources there. Gay Parents to Be has some information on grants and charities to help families grow. The LGBT Mummies Tribe hosts events and support groups for lots of different kinds of parents and families.

Exploring Head Down Positions

Head Down baby with arrows showing roation and abbreviations for different positions around

Yay! Your baby is head down! That’s a good thing. But did you know there is still 360 degrees of variation once head down? Take a minute to explore what the possibilities are, and what all those abbreviations mean!

Did high school make birth and parenting hard for you?

High school students being shown a scary birth video

I’ve noticed the ghost of high school health class reverbating into adulthood in a couple different ways. And not in good ways! Scary birth videos I honestly LOATHE the idea of high schools using birth videos as birth control. Maybe it is because I get those same women 10 years later and have to work […]

Wednesday Wrap Up – Newborn Procedures

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Which newborn procedures are common where you are depends on a few things: What the law requires in your area, what your local medical societies recommend, and the culture and preferences of your birth place and provider. Here are some you might experience and links where you can learn more about them: Weighing and Measuring […]

Looking for the ONE best?

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We ALL want the best for our babies! That’s a good desire that can serve you well – or become a hard burden. Wanting the best for your babies means I get a lot of questions like these: What’s the BEST bottle? Who is the BEST doctor? Where is the BEST place to birth? When […]

There’s no such thing as a “natural induction”

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It’s tempting to just “get this show on the road” and have the baby already! Especially if you’re suffering from S.T.O.P. Syndrome (Sick and Tired Of Pregnancy). Or maybe your care provider is threatening an induction or repeat cesarean if you don’t have the baby by a certain date. So you might think that a […]

Wednesday Wrap Up – Cord Clamping

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All about the umbilical cord History of cord clamping and cutting How to cut When to cut Academic OB on why delayed clamping should be standard and his follow up on the issue A doctor’s perspective on common objections to delayed clamping Can I donate or bank cord blood and delay cord clamping? This is […]

Missing Chromosome disorders

Chromosomes of Turner Syndrome

Most disorders of missing chromosomes involve only partially missing chromosomes, with one exception: Turner syndrome happens when the baby girl has a single X chromosome instead of a pair of X chromosomes. People with Turner syndrome tend to be short, have normal intelligence, and may need hormone therapy to induce puberty. Many need fertility help […]

How to Hire Your Dream Doula in Five Easy Steps

Couple interviewing a potential doula

Step 1 Define what you want Think about what services you want. Are you looking for someone to help you with your birth? Or for someone to do postpartum support? Or both? Would you want the same person to do both services, or would you be open to both? Also think about your general philosophy. […]

Wednesday Wrap Up – Multiples

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A rundown of the types of twins Stats about the frequency of multiples in the US Higher order multiples Information 5 Things to Do when You Learn You’re Expecting Two What you need two of….and what you don’t! Birth Stories A natural childbirth of twins Cesarean birth of twins Triplet birth Feeding Should you breastfeed […]

What is Trisomy?

Normally humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes. These chromosomes contain the DNA that are the “instructions” for how to build our bodies. The egg and the sperm each bring one for each pair – at least most of the time! Every now and then when the egg or sperm is forming something doesn’t go quite […]

Laborade Recipe Generator

There’s no right or wrong way to make laborade! Use this interactive exercise to create and print a recipe that’s perfect for you! If you like this kind of activity, my online childbirth classes use this type of interaction to teach all about labor and birth!