About Andrea

In October 1997, I taught my first childbirth class. I was terrified, but I loved it! Now, as I open up this new venture with a hybrid off online and in person teaching, I feel very much the same! I first got the idea for this kind of a flipped childbirth class years ago, but it wasn’t until January of 2018 I decided to go for it. I have really enjoyed thinking about how to make this class the best of both worlds. My teaching style in person is very interactive, and translating that to online learning has been a fun challenge.

Currently I have my own childbirth education and doula business, Pampered Birth, and I also teach natural childbirth classes at St. Mark’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. As a doula and birth photographer, I have been attending births in homes, birth centers and hospitals for over twenty years.

My degree is in Health Education, and I have always been interested in research, so a few years ago I created the site UnderstandingResearch.com to help birth professionals be able to read and understand research better. I past years, I’ve been a regular contributor on the Lamaze International blog Science and Sensibility, writing about how to find, understand, and critically read research. I also taught a course in how to read and understand research for the Midwives College of Utah for several years.

When I am not busy with my business, I’ve always loved taking pictures, and the last decade I have been busily learning how to best capture the beauty I see in expecting parents and new families. I also thoroughly enjoy taking very close up photos of random things like water drops and bubbles. Looking at the small details makes you see things you might otherwise miss. If you’d like to see my photos, they can be found here.

I have three daughters and a husband who are all as busy as I am! My husband owns and run a genealogy software company as well as working full time. Our three girls keep us hopping to various rehearsals, performances, and volunteer work as they are getting older and busier. I don’t have any “spare time”, but I try to find time for reading, traveling (especially if I can see the ocean), and learning more about photography.