30 Days to Better Birth Marketing

Find your target market

Figure out the best way to focus your marketing time and budget to bring in the best clients for you!

Improve your social media

Are you on the right social media platforms for your target audience? Are you using social media effectively?

Evaluate your web site

Take a look at your web site and evaluate how well it appeals to your target audience.

Network with others

Learn how, why and where you can network with other doulas and allied professionals to boost your business.

Past students say

"This class gave me the tools I needed to make my business work for me. It helped me see what I needed to work on and what to start doing. I highly recommend this course."
It was SO much good information at such a low price--really a steal of a deal! I feel like I need to spend the next month or so implementing the things I've learned, and hopefully it will help my business grow!