Annual Gift Guide for Pregnant People

It’s true, there are lots of pregnancy gift guides out there. The difference here is that I’ve chosen to focus on items for the one who is pregnant, rather than stuff for the baby. I know it irritated me when I was pregnant and I would get holiday or birthday gifts that were really sneaky baby gifts…

So every item on my list is something intended for the person who is pregnant, for their own personal use. No diaper pails or feeding tools here! Also, none of these are referral or affiliate links, they’re just things I think might be useful and pampering.

Things to Make Pregnancy Easier

Woman relaxing in bubble bath

Self Care Items – Go with their preferences! If scented bubble baths are their thing, try a bath bomb or some bath salts. If they don’t like strong smells, go for unscented products. Lotions or body butters are other possibilities.

Ways to preserve the memories – If they are the sentimental type who likes to preserve memories and document experiences, they might enjoy the Letters to my Baby Book or one of the many different Pregnancy Journals available.

Jewelry – Not everyone likes jewelry, but for some a nice piece of jewelry can be just the ticket! There are mother/daughter necklaces, mother/son necklaces, Bola necklaces that create familiar sound for the baby, personalized options, and charm bracelets that can be added to with future children.

Useful items with humor – This mug is fun! I’m Making a Baby! What Did You Do Today?

Maternity Photo Shoot – find a local photographer who is good at flattering the pregnant body, and schedule a session if you know that’s something they’ll enjoy.

Maternity Clothes – Sometimes a new, comfortable and flattering outfit can do wonders for the confidence.

Birth Ball – Sitting on a birth ball can be far more comfortable than any chair in the last few weeks of pregnancy. I know I brought mine everywhere! Bonus, it can help baby get aligned well for an easier, smoother birth.

Things to Make Birth Easier

Childbirth Class – Naturally I am going to recommend one of my own! The online classes that include a video call also have a box full of course materials so you can wrap it up and give a physical item with the online classes.

Affirmations Banner from Oxytocin Emporium – These watercolor affirmation banners are beautiful and reassuring, and you can hang them around the house in the end of pregnancy or in the birth room for delivery. Or both!

Birth Doula Services – a service package or gift card towards doula services can help give peace of mind that there will be expert, knowledgeable support alongside the personal and emotional support of a partner.

This to Make Recovery and Parenthood Easier

Button up pajamas – there are lots of different pajama sets or nightgowns out there that are specifically for postpartum, but in my opinion, nothing beats the basic button front pajama set. Buy flannel for winter, shorts versions for summer, whatever you think they’ll like! Unbutton for full access for breastfeeding, button up for full coverage when you want it. Buy a size up to account for the postpartum recovering body and to have room to button up over the baby for warmer skin-to-skin time.

Postpartum doula service or Lactation consultant service – A postpartum doula can help with light housework but can also help with newborn care, feeding, etc. A lactation consultant can help get breastfeeding off to a great start.

Meal delivery service – Sign up for a three to six month subscription to the meal delivery service of your choice, or give gift cards to takeout or delivery from a favorite restaurant. Anything that buys the family more time out of the kitchen can smooth the adjustment for everyone.

Cleaning Service – Just like with the meal delivery service, outsourcing regular chores for a bit can provide more time for family connection.