The very best parenting method is…..

As I work with a lot of expectant families, one of the most common questions I get is “which parenting method do you recommend?” The answer is….complicated!

Tray of various fruit in a cafeteria

I am very much a fan of the “cafeteria” approach to parenting over any particular style/class. I recommend new parents read and learn about a lot of approaches and choose the parts that work for them and let go of the parts that do not.

There is too much pressure on parents to be a “kind” of parent: “Attachment parent” “Tiger mom” “Love and Logic parent” etc etc. Don’t think you have to 100% fit into any category. Pick and choose the best approaches, knowing that your family and your kid are unique and you will eventually figure out your own style.

So I don’t have any one class or book to recommend. Just:

  • Make sure you kid knows they are loved.
  • Set and consistently hold boundaries.
  • Think long term instead of quick fixes.

That’s it. That’s all my parenting advice.