What do skeletons have to do with birth?

When you have spent your professional life in the birth world, Halloween stuff looks a little different. I shop for BRAIN stuff to use in activities for my in-person classes, and I cannot help but evaluate the pelvises on the decorative skeletons to see if they will work well for birth.

Some don’t even have a hole for baby to pass through:

Some have place for baby to pass through, but I wonder how they might manage to support the weight of the baby during pregnancy without a pubic bone!

Some of the pelvises have such a funky shape that there’s no way a baby could pass through!

And some have obstructions that are not present in normal human anatomy:

But the best skeleton pelvis for birthing was – oddly enough – on a mermaid skeleton!

Look for my post next week on REAL pelvic shapes and how they can impact birth!

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