Wednesday Wrap Up February 2020

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A new study shows that general anesthesia, where they person giving birth is unconscious, increases postpartum depression quite a bit.

One parent’s attempt to find the perfect parenting book leads to discovering the Diabolical Genius of the Baby Advice Industry

An excellent summary of Why it’s Worth Waiting to Go Into Labor and the questions you can ask if you’re thinking about an elective induction.

This article on the need to allow doulas in the operating room for cesarean births is intended for hospital decision makers. But I think it’s important for expectant parents to read as well. I firmly believe that the ONLY way that changes to policies and protocols will happen is is the parents – the consumers of the hospital’s service – push for it. Pro tip: Hospitals are all about increasing their patient satisfaction ratings right now, so feel free to use that approach. “I really want to have a great patient experience here, and having my support team in the room with me for the birth will go a long way.”

A tongue in cheek look at all the armchair experts on pregnancy you might run into: Why I decided not to have an OB and let Wendy from work handle all my prenatal care instead.

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