Wednesday Wrap Up December 2019

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Nothing can make brand new parents feel more out of control than having their baby admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit. The organization Empowered NICU Parenting aims to change that.

It’s happening all the time on social media, but Is Informal Milk Sharing Safe?

A new project in Ireland aims to build more realistic (and I don’t mean terrifying) expectations about what life and bodies look like immediately after birth. Photographer Neeley Ker-Fox and lots of new moms team up to show some beautiful, but not idealized, images.

Abuse of women during childbirth happens. And usually it’s not family members, it’s the staff! I haven’t seen it often, but I have seen it. This article presents 4 Ways to End the Abuse of Women During Birth.

Amazing Lactation Feats – humans and other mammals have some pretty cool abilities to feed their babies.

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