What do you really need for baby?

Pregnant person holding white baby clothes

MinimalLayetteI’ll admit it, I am a total minimalist when it comes to baby gear. I hate the massive consumerism and all the STUFF they try to convince new moms they NEED. Phooey.

So here I present to you, Andrea’s minimalist list of what you need for a new baby:

Must haves:

  • Place for baby to sleep Your bed, bassinette near your bed, or crib.
  • Diapers Either cloth or disposable.
  • Clothing Probably more than you think. Go for utility over cute, for the most part. And skip anything that needs dry cleaning!! (Why do they even MAKE newborn clothes that are dry clean only?)
  • Car Seat Install it and have a tech check it before baby comes.

Nice to have:

  • Wrap/carrier Go to a babywearing gathering and see what people have and what you like. I’m a ring sling kinda gal.
  • Stroller Depends on how much and how you plan to use it. Are you a runner? Get a jogging stroller. If you’re a one car family and will be going a lot of walking like I was with my first, invest in a GOOD stroller with a basket for groceries, etc.
  • Monitor If you live in a home big enough to need one. We lived in a 1 bed apartment when I had my first and the monitor was a joke.
  • Hand pump If you’re going to mostly be with baby.
  • Double electric pump If you’re going back to work.

That’s pretty much it.

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