FAQ about hybrid classes

Hybrid class FAQ

My husband drives a Prius, and has for about 10 years. He loves that car. Drives it like a video game! Because it combines battery power with a gasoline engine, he can routinely get more than 50 mpg.

Sometimes you can get the best results by combining the best of two worlds, and that’s why my Birth Connected childbirth classes have the flexibility of online learning and private, in person sessions.

How is this different from other online classes?

Other online classes leave you without anyone to ask clarifying questions, help you understand how your unique situation might impact your birth, etc. You’ll have access to me by email or the messaging included in the class the whole time you’re working through the materials. Other online classes don’t come with personal sessions to help you learn aspects of preparing for birth that are best taught personally. With the complete classes, you’ll get an in person session or video calls included with the class.

How do the personal sessions work?

If you live local to me (Sandy, Utah) we can meet in person. If not, we can use a video call. We usually spend that time going over hands-on techniques and helping you figure out which ones might work best for you. There is a great deal of flexibility on this, though, and if you have pressing questions or concerns you’d rather discuss instead, we can absolutely do that. Happens all the time!

What’s Up With the Activity Materials?

Because this class is about much more than just watching videos, some of the included activities involve colored pencils, flash cards, etc. With the complete classes, you’ll get a box in the mail with everything you need to complete all the activities. You won’t have to print, round up colored pencils, etc.

Can’t I just watch You Tube Videos?

Well, technically you could. But this class is so much more! There are some included videos, but there are also learning activities that give your learning experience a whole new dimension. This keeps it interesting and helps cement the information in your mind. If you really want to be prepared for whatever kind of birth you want, this class will help you get there!

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