Podcasts for Pregnancy and Birth

Collage of podcasts about birth


Adriana Lozada’s goal is to help parents have a smooth transition to parenthood, and her podcast addresses many common concerns. Recent topics include preparing emotionally to combine working and breastfeeding, getting over fear about unmedicated birth, and birth with Type 1 diabetes.

The Birth Circle

Weekly conversations on everything connected to birth and parenthood. Host Sarah Asay facilitates conversations with guests on topics like breastfeeding, different kinds of births, childbirth educations, and (my favorite episode) birth planning. It’s my favorite because I was the guest.

Birth Words

You might think that linguistics and birth don’t have much to do with each other, but Sara Pixton combines her two passions and really digs into the language of pregnancy and birth to help birthing people and professionals to communicate better. It’s a fairly new podcast, and I recommend starting at the beginning, as the concepts she’s teaching build on each other.

Evidence Based Birth

Rebecca Dekker is the woman behind the popular resource Evidence Based Birth, and her podcast is one more option to stay current on her evaluations of the evidence. She discussed her papers, talks to guest speakers, and shares her own personal experiences.


Hosts Meagan and Julie are both doulas and parents who have had a VBAC. They share tips, tricks and birth stories all about vaginal birth after cesarean.

The Birth Hour

This podcast is birth stories galore! Host Bryn Huntpalmer interviews someone different every episode about their birth experience, and the variety is wide. Past episodes can be searched by topic on her web site, so if you’re a twin mom looking for stories about twins, you can find those! Everything from planned cesarean to water birth to birth with an epidural to surrogacy is included.

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