Handling Unwanted Advice

Cartoon grandma lecturing

Everyone LOOOOOOOVES to give advice to pregnant people and new parents. They’ll even do it without being asked! And not just family and friends, either. Complete strangers in the grocery store, friends of friends online, anyone and everyone wants to tell you what to do!

So let me present to you my 4-step program for dealing with unwanted advice from anyone. It worked well for me:

Step 1: Smile. Think about anything you can think of that makes you smile. Your baby’s drooly grin. A good massage. Hawaii. The funny show you binged on Netflix last week.

Step 2: Nod periodically as they give the advice. Maybe make a few mmmmm hmmmmm noises. Or maybe actually listen. Depends on how much you respect the person giving unsolicited advice.

Step 3: Thank them for the advice. Even if you think the advice is utter crap you have no intention of following, they mean well and for that you can give a quick thanks. Maybe even say you’ll think about it, if you want to,

Step 4: Go ahead and do whatever you want. This is the best and most vital part of the plan. You’re under no obligation to take anyone’s advice, and you – as the parent – have the right to make the best call for you and your family.

And there you have it, my four step plan for handling unwanted advice!

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