Wednesday Wrap Up August 2019

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When the epidural doesn’t work – As a doula, this is honestly one of the biggest challenges to support a birthing person through. Many of the usual techniques are no longer an option, and the need is still high.

Got any travel plans for the rest of summer? Here’s what you need to know about Summer Travel With Breast Milk

This is a lot of unnecessary tracking, and a whole lot of work, but still a really amazing way to memorialize your baby’s sleep habits over the first year of life.

A look at the Neglected Neurobiology of Maternal Anxiety and Depression. We know it is different than other anxiety and depression, but the specifics are not clear.

Evidence Based Birth takes a look at the Evidence and Ethics of Circumcision.

Interesting Op-Ed in the NYT by an obstetrician that looks at the systemic issues that keep home birth from being as safe as it could be. ” The women of America deserve access to the best medical care possible. They deserve access to safe home birth, with a licensed midwife, in all states.”

A look at recent research on what is the safest way to birth a baby when the pregnant person has a previous cesarean birth.

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