Wednesday Wrap Up – March 2019

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Getting Pushed Around in Second Stage – excellent article on the history and options for positions in pushing.

Stop Saying Breast Milk is Free – A thought provoking piece on the economics, cost and value of women’s labor. It’s been a few days and I am still thinking about it…

I’ve seen this play out so many, many times. Toxic Positivity Kept Me From Speaking Up About My Perinatal Mood Disorder. Please don’t perpetuate that among your friends and family.

Fantastic article spotlighting an intertribal network of women women using doula work to heal their communities in New Mexico.

Turns out there is another kind of twinning. Not Fraternal or Identical. Learn about semi-identical twins!

A new drug has been approved specifically for postpartum depression. Too bad it costs $34,000, plus the costs of a 2.5 day hospital stay and the physician fees….

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