Wednesday Wrap Up

Collage of images with the post title superimposed.

19 Beautiful Birth Photos featuring LGBTQ Parents – some of the images were taken by dear friends of mine!

How VR can help with pumping breastmilk – I can’t decide if this is creepy or cool, but it’s definitely an interesting application of technology!

Sticks and Stones and Birth Affirmations – if you believe that words and affirmations are powerful, you need to read and consider the important point in this article.

My Birth, by Carmen Winant – an interesting art piece on birth currently on display at the MOMA in NYC.

Do you know the epidural rate for your state? Here’s a handy map for (most) US states. Sorry, Connecticut.

5 Reasons to Avoid Saying “Birth Is Beautiful” – Amen to this! Birth can be beautiful. I’ve seen many, many beautiful moments at births in the 20 years I’ve been attending them. But I’ve also seen moments that were messy, frustrating, funny and terribly sad.

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