Wednesday Wrap Up May 2018

Collage of images with the post title superimposed.

Love these maternity photos of a woman with one leg.

An excellent article on planning for a just-in-case transfer when you’re planning on a birth center or home birth.

Honest article with a good mixture of personal experience and data on what it’s like to be black and pregnant when you know how dangerous that is.

Science and Sensibility looks at the new ACOG postpartum care recommendations.

Jen Kamel of VBAC Facts looks at the recent Canadian study on VBAC. I appreciate her outlining her approach to critical reading of research.

Once again Stacie Bingham is doing a post a day in May, all about doulas. I encourage you to go follow her blog and read them, as they’re always interesting and she has a wide variety of guest writers and topics. I particularly liked this post by Deena Blumenfeld: A Question of Science

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