Wednesday Wrap Up June 28

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Great introduction to vaginal exams, for parents, doulas, or others who won’t be doing them but want to learn more about them.

Here’s another interesting study I want to read more about! Use of an early labor lounge to promote admission in active labor

I found this comparison interesting. Stand up for ourselves the way we would for our children. I broke up with my gyno because I’m more than a patient, I am a person.

Birth work can take a strong personality to handle. This means that strong personalities can clash and so the Royal College of Maternity in the UK has put out some information on Improving Workplace Behaviors in Maternity

What do you think of this consent form for a forced cesarean birth?

An interesting look at the times of day with the most births.

Loved this Father’s Day article on the days when fathers were not allowed in delivery rooms. It wasn’t all that long ago, my own father was not allowed to be present at my birth, though he was able to attend the births of my youngest brothers.

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