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Wednesday Wrap Up May 3

I’ve seen all too many women think their body is failing them after having a pre-labor vaginal exam. It’s important to remember that those exams don’t tell you much of anything, and that you can’t fail to progress before labor even begins.

I agree that far too often men are portrayed as the buffoon around babies, and we need to have more respect for their ways of parenting as well.

I found this study interesting. It looks at risks and outcomes relative to the length of time the doctor had been working. I’m now curious about whether the length of nursing staff shifts would show a similar effect.

This article Non-inclusive Birth Preparation is Traumatizing Women very much fits with my two main goals for teaching, and I hope that teaching both the skills for natural birth AND skills for navigating unexpected twists and turns in the process.

An interesting look at the variety of ways in which mammals give birth.