Wednesday Wrap Up Feb 8

Funniest and most exaggerated depiction of a doula in an ad goes to….Duracell! When I first started this work, “doula” wasn’t even in the dictionary. Now doulas are mainstream enough to be mocked. I’d call that progress!

An interesting look at what we already know about marijuana and breast milk, as well as a few details on an upcoming study on the topic.

Ever since ACOG changed the “definitions” of the different stages of labor, I’m seeing lately a lot of birth professionals rethinking how they label and address stages of labor, and I find it fascinating. Not sure I think any of these are any better or worse than the traditional medical descriptors, but I am loving the idea of freeing birth from strict labeling:

Holistic Stages of Birth
Understanding and Assessing Labor Progress
Teaching 6 is the new 4

A stark look at consent as it applies to care during pregnancy and in labor and birth.
And a semi-hopeful update with input from care providers

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