Wednesday Wrap Up – the first of 2017!

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I could relate to so much of this birth photographer’s experiences with burn out, both as a doula and a birth photographer. Birth work can be exhausting, and I’m finding over the years the balance of how many births to take has changed!

Interesting historical look at childbirth that has me wondering what might be shown/said about birthing in THIS decade in twenty or thirty years.

A tough read, but all too true: Too Many Women are Leaving Hospital After Childbirth with PTSD because of Bad Care. I have seen it play out in my work with women. I have also seen many women decide against getting help for postpartum complications because they don’t want to be treated again as they were during their births, resulting in things becoming pretty serious.

I haven’t even seen a Star Wars movie since the 1970s (I know, I know) and I still enjoyed this article: Did Inadequate Women’s Health Care Destroy Star Wars’ Old Republic?

ACOG has *finally* updated their recommendations on cord clamping, moving away from a recommendation of immediate cord clamping to leaving time for the newborn’s blood to return to the baby. But there are some who feel that the recommendation to wait 30-60 seconds isn’t long enough.

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