Wednesday Wrap Up Dec 28

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A fascinating case report in the New England Journal of medicine tells an amazing story of a baby who survived a large rupture of the uterus during pregnancy.

A great article on doulas and how they help women, from Essence Magazine.

Guess what? Alcohol during breastfeeding isn’t taboo after all!

A lovely birth story – birth didn’t go as planned, but this family’s strength and love impress me. She talks about how birth is a mystery and she had to embrace the mystery, the vulnerability, the huge unknown that IS birth. Plus the mom, the doulas, the midwife and the birth photographer are all friends of mine so it feels so familiar to me.

I love seeing articles like this in more mainstream womens’ magazines like Elle Why Do So Many Hospitals Prohibit Vaginal Birth After a C-Section?

Fun list of things that pregnant women were told to avoid in the past. I wonder what kind of a list they might make 50 years from now about the “crazy” things pregnant women are told now!

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