Wednesday Wrap Up November 2

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I’ve seen changes in a client’s due date wreak havoc in a mom’s birth plan – and it doesn’t take much of a change! If your care provider wants to make changes to your due date, ask these questions first!

Another celebrity opens up about her struggle with postpartum depression and how she made it through. You are not alone, and reaching out to others can make a big difference.

Hand expression is a great skill that can be useful for nursing moms, and it’s FREE. This video teaches some of the basics of breast massage and hand expression.

An interesting new alliance in the birth community. It will be interesting to see where this new organization, a merger of Improving Birth, CIMS and Birth Network National, will go. Looks like they are going to be called the Improving Birth Coalition.

Aside from the blatant theft of some of my photos of peanut balls (GRRRRR) I liked this article on what doulas can teach OBs about birth.

And just because I’m all riled up about image theft, some reminders and info about how to do it right:

Copy Right: Using Images in your presentations and teaching materials appropriately

A Guide to Finding and Using Images for Teaching, Presentations, Blogging and Other Uses

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