Wednesday Wrap Up October 19

WednesdayWrapUpRAn amazing story of a woman who survived placenta percreta so invasive her surgeons didn’t even remove the placenta at the time of birth. Not every woman with this complication is so lucky! You can read more about the various types of placental complications with the March of Dimes and their connection to cesarean births at the Well Rounded Mama.

A look at why our society needs to start caring about the experience of the mother during birth.

I’ve seen this post on The Newborn Stomach Size Myth create a lot of interest in birth and breastfeeding circles this week, and it’s a good example of questioning the status quo and digging deeper into the research. I’m still thinking about how this might influence my teaching!

I’m very disappointed to be home right now, and not on my way to West Palm Beach, FL for the 2016 Lamaze International Conference. But if you’re like me and moping around feeling left out, it’s not too late to register to attend some of the virtual sessions!

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